Combat Whips are an idea created by me, Chris Tindale in 2018.  At least these ones are.  When I began making whips for combat I’d not yet found anyone who trained with them.

I’m Japanese Jiu Jitsu black belt who began this journey by looking for a way to work on my grip strength and dexterity without mindlessly squeezing a stress ball or other hand strengthening tool.

Like many kids I grew up watching Indiana Jones and I’ve always had an affinity for the incredible usefulness of ropes and knots. So when I realized that a whip could be created using nylon paracord I started looking for tutorials.

My initial handful of whips were purely for the challenge of making them and the fun of creating that signature “CRACK” sound everyone knows.  Those all became gifts for friends.

During the process of making those whips I was also training in the use of weapons like the Kubaton, Knives, Sticks, and even my martial arts belt.  As I practiced techniques with all of these different weapons I kept seeing ways that the same techniques could be applied to the whips I’d started making.

I began making some simple but significant changes to how I built the whips to make them more suitable for applying these techniques and Combat Whips were born.